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Established design standards to ensuring consistency and intuitiveness
Simplify, accelerate, and sustain your SAP applications
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Our experience building hundreds of Fiori solutions has given us a firm SAP foundation that allows us to deliver exceptionally fast with a high level of quality. Our focus on SAP user experience means we have the skills along with the best process, standards, and implementation approach.

UX Research

SME Interviews, End User and business workshops on SAP UX to identify key user groups, Requirement gathering, Identify user needs pain points wish list items, Overview on Sap Fiori to train existing client resources. User pain points and requirement identification Key User Personas

Mobify's experienced SAP architects will review your existing landscape to find the optimal approach to establish and maintain a technology core that will enable your transformation. We’ll walk you through the latest offerings, including S/4HANA, Fiori 2.0, and SAP® Cloud Platform, to identify the right places for you to invest to get the most out of your SAP® platform.

UX Research Methods


Define the audience, then restate and refine the problem statement.

Prototypes and Wireframes

Creation quick simple wireframes and creating low-resolution and high-resolution design


Keeping consistent design language

UX Design

We carry forward our user-centric approach and ensure that the user’s voice is represented throughout the development process. We continue to actively engage and solicit feedback throughout the development process, and with our agile methodology, are able to ensure that their feedback can be immediately incorporated into the solution. This results in a considerably better product and drastically improved user adoption. We have established design standards to ensure consistency and to promote a more intuitive user experience.

Interview Guides

Set and structured guides for interview which help with data collection and interpretaion


Communicate through groups, feeds, discussions and document sharing


Make sure the design fits the user need and solves the business need

Analytics and Reporting

Integrating various reporting tools to support a coherent UX i.e. WEBI, Tableau, Cognos, S/4, ECC reports etc. Utilizing SAP Analytical Cloud to build live reporting solutions.

Our unique customer understanding and world-class data scientists can help you gain a competitive advantage by using advanced and predictive analytics to optimize your business.

Analytics Setup

Measure your ROI as well as track your performance via analytics

Cloud Reporting

Cloud data sources are useful if you want to upload analytical data from external sources into your solution for reporting purposes.

Real Time Analytics

Integrating various reporting tools to support a coherent UX i.e. WEBI, Tableau, Cognos, S/4, ECC reports etc

Mobile Road Mapping and Application Deployment

Run 24x7, seamlessly, across devices and platforms.

Discover how to improve your bottom line by enabling your employees to be productive anytime, anywhere with the help of mobile applications from SAP and partners.

Training and Support

We conduct Demos and workshops for stakeholders, support for Client Resources on build, admin and security activities along with creating support documentation as needed.

Mobify adheres to strict criteria for SAP certification, including trained and certified support consultants, documented processes and up-to-date demo and training landscapes..

Requirement Gathering

How different tasks will be performed under specific circumstances

Demos and Workshops

Learning how to simplify the process of procuring, managing, and optimizing

Post Go-Live Support

Providing users with insight especially just after migrating to a new system